CFD Modeling

What is CFD modeling consulting?

To fully ensure any facility is operating as expected, it is possible for a computational CFD modeling service to be undertaken to look at possible locations of hot or cold spots throughout a data center or server room. This service can be used during facility assessment or redesigns to arrange servers and racks in an optimal formation to attain greater efficiency.

Problem Solution
My building or datacenter is not cooling correctly CFD modeling is a state of the art service based on extracting design parameters from drawings and forecasting airflow characteristics within a closed space.  This can be a datacenter with IT racks where the exact IT equipment is places inside a design and the airflow characteristics are worked out to ensure no hot spot creation, or office characteristics can be tested prior to construction to ensure that optimum air flow is attained within a busy office environment.  ONE9 3NINE can also offer this service for military applications to ensure that adequate airflow can be achieved in sensitive storage or testing centers.
How do I check a design before construction? The CFD analysis its self requires very powerful computers to perform analysis of a hypothetical scenario based on design drawings. In some cases, alternative test data can be input into alternative scenarios to test for differing outcomes.  In all cases, ONE9 3NINE currently works with several of the industry leaders in providing CFD analysis of data center facilities whom are familiar with state of the art applications including plane airframe testing and car aerodynamics.
How to evaluate an existing facility? Any existing facility will have some level of drawings available, however, in some cases if they are unavailable, some CFD modeling software offers the possibility of redesigning a data center facility based on known variables like floor height, cooling equipment, rack dimensions and equipment.  ONE9 3NINE would advocate the addition of a thermography analysis for customer facility analysis accompanying the CFD modeling with a real life review and data.

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