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Data Center Consultancy

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a diverse selection of data center consultancy services which are detailed below:

Product / Service Part No. Values Overview
DC Design DC-DES-001 Standards Data center design as per international standards
Health Checks DC-HC-002 Standards due diligence tier based health checks
Energy Audits DC-EA-003 Optimization Energy usage baselines, reviews and optimization
Risk Assessments DC-DRA-004 Optimization, security Safety and security reviews and risk analysis
Tier Review DC-TR-005 Security, strategy International standards tier reviews
DC Certification DC-Cert-006 Standards TIA, UTI and BICSI data center certification
3D Modeling DC-3D-007 Optimization 3D design modeling of both design and existing buildings
CFD Modeling DC-CFD-008 Optimization Airflow modeling of data centers and buildings
Thermography Analysis DC-TA-009 Optimization Analysis of air leakage, airflow and data center cooling
Testing, Commissioning & Management DC-TCM-010 Optimization, standards Post construction data center testing and commissioning
Control Room Design DC-CRD-011 Optimization, standards operations and SNOC room design and review
Discrimination Studies DC-DS-012 Strategy Design and installation due diligence
Green Standards Review DC-GSR-013 Optimization, standards Green standards review and advice based on LEED
Facility Cleaning DC-FC-014 Security, optimization ISO based air quality testing and facility cleaning
Amortization Studies DC-AS-015 Strategy, cost End of life facility studies forecasting MTBF and replacement

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