Services Portfolio

Services offered by ONE9 3NINE Consulting have been designed specifically to respond to the greatest customer and technological challenges within the modern Data Center seen today.  The focus of the services revolves around existing Data Center improvement, however, classic design services are also available.

Management Consultancy

Ensuring the right decisions are made by management requires that decision makers are given applicable data according to company future strategies including how technology is being used to enable and support business activities.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE can assist a customer through business cases, risk assessments, SOA planning, supply chain review, asset control and project management.


Data Center Services

Data centers require constant review and refreshment of both technology and procedures.  ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a proactive complete portfolio of DC centric services that allow customers to gain additional infrastructure based knowledge allowing for better decision making and future planning.


Information Technology

As Data Center’s grow due to the overwhelming need to house greater amounts of IT equipment, better management and asset tracking is now a necessary evil to evade power and cooling problems.  ONE9 3NINE Consulting has a detailed service portfolio that addresses these concerns thru detailed audit and planning assistance services.


Operations & Maintenance

Any new or existing tier 3 or 4 data center requires a complimentary set of operations and maintenance procedures to ensure continual and uninterrupted service.  The only way to ensure this is to regularly review and update operational & maintenance procedures which is an available service via dedicated audits from ONE9 3NINE Consulting.


Knowledge Services

Gaining additional knowledge and experience through training can assist organizations become more agile and capable of dealing with the latest possible outages.  Gaining additional resources, internationally recognized courses or in-house customized training allows ONE9 3NINE to bring customers online with the latest dc infrastructure trends.



As companies become more ERP centric, the move to push efficiency through information availability in the field grows ever more important.  To ensure that customers make the transition of reviewing their mobility requirements and then take cost saving solution decisions based on a needs assessment, ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers detailed consultancy services in the field of mobility as the data center resources begin to be utilised in an ever dispersed workforce.


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