Thermography Home Inspection – Prevent Large Bills, Electrical Fires and Water Damage

Water Leak and Energy Surveys for Cost Efficient Homes

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ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers home owners and tenants alike the opportunity of a detailed Thermography home inspection analysis starting from just 250 Dhs per room that is capable of offering both peace of mind and financial savings through a specialist infrared inspection.

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Prevent Large Utility Bills, Electrical Fires and Water Damage

In order to offer these specialist services for customers, ONE9 3NINE offer British Thermography Certified engineers capable of of investigating the following three main areas.  Customers can select from one or a mixture of the following services :

  • A/C Cooling Evaluation – An infrared evaluation of a room airflow, window & door venting and general building leakage where applicable
  • Electrical Problem Inspection – An inspection of all room sockets & switches, main switchboard, extension leads for hot connections or equipment
  • Water Damage Analysis – An analysis of ceiling tiles, walls, floors, swimming pools, irrigation and building structure for water leakage or damage


  • Inspection – The service commences with a home inspection which is concluded within 4 hours and it is advised that customers have the air conditioning on for a minimum of an hour prior to any inspection.  Any defective cooling will not cause problems, however, evidence may take longer to investigate.
  • The Report – A detailed report is presented via email to the customer within 5 days of inspection. The report includes all applicable images including notes of any problems noted. Customer inspections with reports offer tangible evidence starting from 300 Dhs per room.
  • Payment – 100% prior to inspection, resell incentives available so tell your friends and make Dubai safer, discounts for multiple services.

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