Special Offers

Special Offers and Services

ONE9 3NINE Consulting Dubai often creates special promotions or incentives for its customers around new products or services that become available.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE is proud to exceed its customers and partners expectations with a continuous improvement in quality and services whilst still providing special offers.

Thermographic Home Survey

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers home owners and tenants alike the opportunity of a detailed analysis that is capable of offering both peace of mind and financial benefits during this global downturn through a specialist infrared inspection.

Prevent Large Utility Bills, Electrical Fires and Water Damage

In order to offer these specialist services for customers, ONE9 3NINE offer British thermography certified engineers capable of of investigating three main areas and customers can select from one or all of the following services :

  • A/C Cooling Evaluation – An infrared evaluation of a room airflow, window & door venting and general building leakage where applicable
  • Electrical Problem Inspection – An inspection of all room sockets & switches, main switchboard, extension leads for hot connections or equipment
  • Water Damage Analysis – An analysis of ceiling times, walls, floors, swimming pools, irrigation and building structure for water leakage or damage

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Free Consultancy in Dubai for Greener Data Centers

ONE9 3NINE delivers the best of breed consultancy in achieving greener data centers and offers customers a complimentary portfolio of services to assist them in realizing true cost savings and is proud to offer free consultancy in Dubai for a limited number of clients only.

Selection of Free Data Center Consultancy Services

In order to demonstrate the highest standards of DC consultancy, ONE9 3NINE adds value thru a half day consultancy approach for customers interested in evaluating their facilities.

Customers can select from one of the following services :

  • Thermographic Inspection – An infrared inspection of a room, rack or IT equipment airflow
  • Data Center Health Check – General walk through to provide impartial design standards advise
  • Server & Asset Audit – An IT equipment inspection to offer possible improvements in both rack and equipment placement

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