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Electrical Fires and Insurance – How Safe is Your Home?

Preventing Electrical Fires, Water Damage and Large Utility Bills

An Electrical Breaker – Electrical problems cannot be seen by the naked eye

After the recent fire in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers of a multi-story tower block, home owners and tenants may start to evaluate their home safety even if build quality to date within Dubai remains high through government legislation following global standards such as LEED.  Based on a survey recently conducted by more than 86% of residents living in the United Arab Emirates do not own the correct home insurance more than 86% of residents living in the United Arab Emirates do not own the correct home insurance even when the average contents value of a home in the UAE is Dhs100,000 – Dhs150,000″ cites Damion Lock, Managing Director at ONE9 3NINE Consulting.  He states that, “After extensive market feedback our company has chosen to create a specific product for private individuals to provide them additional peace of mind”, Damion goes onto say that, “If recent reports of such high degrees of non-insurance are even close, home owners and tenants would hugely benefit from our new Thermography Home Inspections service” ( ‎). Through the use of state of the art technology and certified staff, ONE9 3NINE Consulting is endeavoring to make Dubai a safer place to live.

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Data Center Management and Maintenance – Who Takes The Lead?

How are companies preparing for new Data Center facilities?

With Data Centers continuing to grow exponentially both in size and utility requirements ONE9 3NINE Consulting continues its Data Center Management discussions by asking how will management monitor these new growth related infrastructures? With an ever complex power and cooling infrastructure, how are managers monitoring their infrastructure and what provisions are being made to bring data center facility management up to date? Dell state that, “As the cost of operating data centers skyrockets, IT professionals struggle to achieve greater energy efficiency while getting the most processing power possible from their environment.”, but what is driving the growth? As the cost of operating data centers skyrockets, IT professionals struggle to achieve greater energy efficiency Hp suggest a possible reason for skyrocketing cost stating ; “Soaring demand for information technology, increasingly powerful microprocessors, the growing popularity of compact blade servers means that data centers are more densely packed than ever “.  Damion Lock, Managing Director or ONE9 3NINE Consulting confirms the current growth and possible lack of management preparedness stating, “we see many Data Center owners in the Middle East expanding data center infrastructure, but based on existing corporate management policies and this needs to change”, he continues, “bridging the gap between new infrastructure development, facilities management  and company policy is going to become an uphill struggle”.  

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Data Center Products and Services – A New Data Center Business Directory

A New Data Center Business Directory For The Middle East

ONE9 3NINE Consulting Data Center Business DirectoryA new data center focused business directory has been launched as of today and has been made available by ONE9 3NINE Consulting (   A data center consultation organization based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, ONE9 3NINE Consulting has created a dedicated portal specifically for the Middle East data center industry allowing the industry to come together in providing data center owners a rich source of information on both data center products and services.  The new portal offers Middle East suppliers of both data center products and services the first opportunity to get closer with customers and up coming projects where customers will no longer have to rely on out dated internal records and word of mouth before approaching the data center market regarding any new project.

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Data Center Technology and Management – How to Control Energy?

Data Center Technology and its Management – How to Control Energy?

Today, energy is the most costly resource as far as a Data Center is concerned. This implies that consistent, granular power management can not be ignored any more. Monitoring power consumption and other performance data in data centers has been a herculean task. To the extent that operators in many Data Centers have shunned it. Energy efficiency in the data center in not only for environmental reasons, but also for economic benefits seen when Green IT is incorporated into data center technology. The term “green” means analyzing, measuring and controlling power consumption to facilitate effective capacity planning with aptitude to implement change for decreased consumption – Resulting to improved energy efficiency, controlled carbon footprint and improved overall company ROI.

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Technology Advances – What new initiatives can technology bring?

What new initiatives can technology bring?

Based on the ever growing need for computing power, is this overwhelming dependance solving more problems than it is solving?

Even though today we can achieve greater automation and management control of data centers, what more do you feel technology could bring us to alleviate the impact of Data Centers?

Feel free to discuss this subject and suggest what technology innovations you feel could be applied and what their effect might be.

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Green Initiatives – Is government doing enough to drive DC efficiency?

With technology being established to better manage data centers around the world, does the DC industry have to do more to keep pace through more efficient and environmentally friendly designs?

What are governments in your region doing to better support environmental protection within the DC industry?

Feel free to discuss this subject that can change the way data centers are built reducing the impact in the world around us, should environmental care become a legal requirement?

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Global Standards – Which standard do you feel is most appropriate?

In data centers today, design and operations can be dictated by many differing standards globally, however, do these standards apply in all regions or should regional requirements play a role in establishing more appropriate directions in design?

Which do you feel best suits your region?

Feel free to discuss this subject that currently is unaddressed and left to the consultants advice, which way should an organisations management decide to go?


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Data Centers – Do organisations plan far enough in advance?

With the advent of so many new technologies, are organisations and data center Managers really keeping infrastructure capabilities inline with future growth?

Feel free to discuss this subject that is troubling DC managers across the region, can new DC’s be prevented with better planning?

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