How We Do It – Service Delivery

How ONE9 3NINE Delivers Consulting Services

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers 50 technology consulting services across its 6 product verticals in:

  • Management – Business Technology Strategy,  Management Guidance and Corporate Planning
  • Data Centers – Data Center Strategy, Design and Review
  • Information Technology – IT Infrastructure Evaluation and Planning
  • Operations and Maintenance – Business Emergency Planning, Operations & Maintenance Design & Review
  • Knowledge – Resource Outsourcing, Education and Support
  • Mobility – Business Agility and Mobility Evaluation
Each of these services require a focus on service delivery in order to meet and improve customer satisfaction.

Three Points of Infrastructure Control

3 Points

Based on the experience of many DC projects by itss staff over the years, ONE9 3NINE considers 3 essential points within any customer what ever the size of their data center facility.  In all cases, if a customer invests capital on a new DC project most customers often overlook or begrudge spending further capital on both Operational Procedures or Staff Training which is seen as a mistake.  With so many new products and technologies within new facilities these days, customer must now consider mandatory investment within its staff to ensure they are able to react during an emergency.  In addition to this, if customers are also not able to operate utilising the latest data center Operational Procedures, this can provide a single point of failure during any emergency if operational procedures had not been updated to meet a new data center maintenance schedule.
So finally, when investing within a new data center facility whether it is new or a old ONE9 3NINE believes that the following considerations should be made:
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Operational Procedures
  • Knowledge & Training