History of ONE9 3NINE Consulting

In 1939 the first programmable computer was patented by a German inventor named Zuse. This was also the same year that HP invented the first oscilloscope lending these new effects to the movie fantasia. It was from these origins that it is considered the programmable computer was born and thus the name ONE9 3NINE was founded in 2011 to offer customers a total technology consultancy solution leading to the phrase “technology from inception”. Offering the IT community a new approach to consultancy, customers gain from a team of seasoned Data Center professionals that deliver the highest possible standards in service delivery.

Total Solutions based on Business Need

Based on the complete end to end consultancy service offering, ONE9 3NINE offer a value proposition unrivaled by many other consultants. With an innovative service portfolio, customers benefit from a total solution approach based on customer core business need.

Quality Product

By ensuring the consultancy service is fully understood and customized to client needs, ONE9 3NINE ensure delivery of the highest possible standards based on a complete understanding of the relative business need. Based on the latest international standards, all services are delivered to exceed customer expectations where ever possible.

Responsiveness to Need

Experienced in catering to specific customer needs, ONE9 3NINE excel at not only keeping the customer informed, but also giving feed back incase of project changes. Based on it’s years of knowledge and experience, ONE9 3NINE also appreciates that changes do happen and ensuring the customer is informed of scope creep or any other important changes so that decisions can be made ahead of time is critical to the team and part of the quality guarantee that ONE9 3NINE promises it’s customers.

Competitive Price

Global markets have been in a state of flux for some time now and ONE9 3NINE understands that customers require value for money which is even more important during down turns. To ensure that this happens, ONE9 3NINE endeavors to remain competitive with it’s customers during any project and guarantees the best possible price based on the service being undertaken. Any customer need will be met if at all possible and optional work arounds to ensure timely and on budge projec delivery are always considered.

Partnership Development

The majority of the team have resided in the middle east region for extensive periods and as such local know how adds considerable value to customers. Building on this know how, the ONE9 3NINE team focus on customer need and meeting customer expectations and as such, partnership development is considered a core part of service delivery.

Keeping the Customer up to Date

Knowing the current situaton of any project is paramount for any customer if the correct and timely decisions are to be made. Ensuring that the status of a project is always brought to the customers awareness is part of good project management and ONE9 3NINE consider the flow of timely information of paramount importance.

Local Rep

ONE9 3NINE currently operates out of it’s central middle eastern office located in Dubai, however, through it’s many partnerships and resellers, it is the concept of the organization to have local representatives available where ever possible.