ONE9 3NINE offers a complete solution for all verticals based on the universal need for technology and its benefits in all organisational infrastructures.

Oil & Gas

Bringing knowledge and international experience to the middle east region, specialized oil & gas services include:

  • Infrastructure security
  • Continuous uptime sustainability
  • Increased safety and efficiency thru mobility


With business and consumers expecting reliable access to their data at all times, telecom business sla’s require the highest levels of enforcement and review. Specialized services include:

  • Network diversification and redundancy
  • Definable uptime criteria
  • Globally ratified design standards


Each and every transaction carried out in today’s market requires that customers gain access to their money 24 hours a day confidence in the knowledge that the bank has taken every step to secure that transaction. Specialist areas of consultancy in the banking space include:

  • Security perimeter reviews
  • Effective access control
  • Environment safety through fire fighting


Having the responsibility of supplying electricity or other utility requirements to it’s customers, all utility company’s require dependent and resilient technology infrastructure to operate. Areas of consultancy specialization include:

  • Redundant power design
  • Backup tier based design
  • Reduction in single points of failure